He Who Walks The Corridors by Matthew Lett now available #horror

Cover copy


About the Book:

There’s something happening in X Block, something resulting in the gruesome murders of the inmates locked inside. Teddy Roosevelt is in cell #6, incarcerated for a crime he didn’t technically commit, and as each of his doomed cellmates are dragged out of the prison so brutally ripped apart, he can’t help but know that his turn is next.

But the presence in X Block isn’t just about murder. The presence wants redemption, true redemption, and if you don’t pass the test, then you end up like the other poor souls dragged away to be buried.

He Who Walks the Corridors is a story of murder, unintended circumstance, and the path to true redemption and forgiveness. But the path is never easy, and the consequences are dire. In the corridors of X Block there is only freedom and redemption, or gruesome, terrifying murder.

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Interested in reviewing this book? Please send an email to contact@wolfonwater.com

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